Cherish Team

Who Is cherish?

How we came to be:

We’ve been building kitchens and a bunch of other cabinet type thingies for a long time. Our shop started with dirt floors, a wood stove, and 40-watt bulbs. It was back in a day when people couldn’t use the phone and the internet at the same time. So yeah, we know what we’re doing. We keep our tape measures, saws, and drills within hands reach. And we still have ten fingers; safety first. Safety first.

We like to take things apart and really look at them to see how we can make them better. Sounds cliché, but it’s true, ask our mothers. We’re honest, humble, and work hard to get it done right the first time. We could toss in a couple of eight-cylinder words like disciplined or professional, but aren’t we all? We know that if you give us a chance we’ll “blow yer socks off” and you’ll have a place to store them once you pick them up.

What makes us different?

We whole-heartedly believe that living in a well-mannered place, where an everyday routine comes quick and easy, not only reduces a metric ton of stress, but also lets you enjoy and become inspired by those special things that make your life unique. We’re so convinced of this that we built our entire company around it. ‘Because It’s Not Just Stuff’ is more than a tag line; it’s our foundation, because we have stuff too.

We believe we can work with you to achieve your dream of organization. We like fun. Who says cleaning and organizing needs to be painful? If we thought that we’d be doing something else.

Meet The cherish Team

Jason Kopeck

Jason Kopeck

Spinner of Plates

I enjoy learning, creative problem-solving, and wearing sandals on the drive home. It’s important to help others, stay humble, be honest and kind, and realize recipes are more guidelines than law.

I’ve built pump-jacks and well-heads, cooked, and been a derrick-hand. I’ve repaired communication systems in everything between -40 to +40 degrees Celsius, and kept shops running on time and budget. I’ve learned the value of teamwork, a strong work ethic, staying organized, attention to detail, and the importance of having clean, dry socks.

I’m excited to see where the path leads. I strongly believe in the power of mindset: Success comes from turning failure into opportunity. I’m a geek at heart and I hate long sleeve shirts, yes even in the winter.

Ben Jeffery

Ben Jeffery

Maker of Noise & Dust

I’ve had supper with Angus Young (look him up), dipped my right toe in the Beaufort Sea and besides the human body, I believe the bicycle is the perfect machine.

My background is in broadcasting (I was told I have a face for radio) including on air, music directing and programming but I’ve also driven trucks, stocked grocery shelves and sold vacuums door to door (bought more than I sold). Some say I reside in Black Diamond but I really live in the moment. I’m a father of two amazing girls who continually challenge my views of the world. My favourite quote is, “be water” from Bruce Lee and I appreciate being legitimately proven wrong. I live for that.

Matt Friesen

Matt Friesen

Black Belt of Ingenuity

Not going to beat around the bush, I’m a people person and a “Calgary Original”. Ever since I was a wee lad, construction and the need to grow my knowledge in how things work have been my passion. Building 4-storey tree-forts in the local green spaces was a hobby and outlet, but now they let me use power tools! The career path was obvious. The last 11 years in construction has been fulfilling and feels like the tip of the iceberg, and I am longing to see what lies beneath the surface.

Craziest thing I’ve ever done was jump off the world’s tallest bungie at that time and survived to write this bio; so I invite you to come take a leap with us and I’ll guarantee you’ll survive!

Sivanthara Siv Vannath

Sivanthara "Siv" Vannath

Equalizer of Breeze

I had a challenging start coming to Canada at age one from a Thailand refugee camp. On my first visit to my home country, I threw a handful of cash into the air to celebrate my good fortune. I once drove the wrong way down a one-way street. What’s the big deal? I was only going one way. I’ve delivered newspapers, baked donuts and can handle a paint-roller like Picasso (he used a roller, right?) I’ve set up party rental gear and I threaten to barbeque EVERY weekend. I love the four seasons and fishing, even if water kills a cell phone, and helping my family ‘cause it seems like I’m ALWAYS helping my family. I believe with the right mindset and heart, anything is possible. I believe in looking at stars. I believe in luck. I believe in the freedom to choose.